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Start from just £50

Use our interactive investment calculator to view projected returns and key information. Then just choose a property and invest using our online payment system.

Each property is acquired by an individual limited company without the use of any mortgages or loans. Investors then receive shares in the limited company in proportion to their share of the property, giving them a direct interest in their property investment.

Earn monthly income

Once you have invested, your money gets to work. We pay a daily cash bonus on your investment calculated from the day you invest until we complete the purchase of the property.

This is calculated as 3% per annum and is paid to you once the property is acquired as a reduction in our initial fees.

As soon as a property is tenanted, you will start to earn monthly rental income, paid one month in arrears. This is paid directly into your account net of management fees and any costs on the last Friday of each month. You can easily withdraw your monthly income, or reinvest it to build your portfolio.

Share capital growth

At the end of the fixed investment term, we manage the sale of the property with the proceeds being shared amongst the investors after any costs and expenses.

You can keep track of your portfolio on your investment dashboard. Each week over a million data points are assessed to give you an estimate of how it is performing.

All of our projections are based on up-to-date market assumptions, such as Savills 5 Year Forecast and RICS House Price Forecast. We also provide an independent RICS valuation. This means you can easily verify and conduct your own due diligence before investing.

Transparent fees

Our fee structure is tied to our investors’ interests: we make money when you do.


Fundraise Fee

Property Gent provides you with a world-class service and exclusive access to off-market property deals. We also offer expert customer service that all of our members can benefit from for free.

This fee covers our costs in raising the fund, conducting extensive due diligence, the development and management of our market leading technology, marketing to grow the community, and of course the safe operation and accounting of the SPVs.


Profit Share

Our profits are tied directly to yours. When a property is sold at the end of an investment term, Property Gent receives 15% of the net capital growth in that property (after any costs and expenses).

We want to ensure that our aims are directly aligned with our members, as such we are incentivised to strive for strong returns in all of the investment opportunities. Remember, all of our projected returns are shown net of our fees as well as any known costs and expenses.

Are there any other costs?


We do all that we can to mitigate other costs because of the Profit Share. However, as with any buy-to-let investment, there may be unforeseen costs due to maintenance of the property, or the operation of the holding company.

There is a standard 15% (+VAT) management charge deducted from the monthly rental income which is used to pay local expert agents who manage the properties.

All of our projected figures are shown net of known costs and expenses. You can see all of these within the finance section of each investment opportunity.

Diverse investment opportunities you'll love

The Property Gent Property Team are constantly researching the market and assessing potential opportunities. Collectively, they have over four decades of market insight and experience, giving you the confidence that the opportunities we list stack up.

We want to remain strong as a community and provide the best protection for our investors’ capital. That’s why we take a three-tiered approach to capital protection:

  1. Professional third party RICS Valuations before every purchase
  2. Market-leading property insurance that covers extensive risks (including tenant damage)
  3. Provision Fund to help to provide interest free loans if any unforeseen works are required to a property before the end of the term

Start with £50

Keep building, and you could have properties everywhere.

London, Manchester, Birmingham the UK, and over time, beyond.


And join over 9,750 happy investors

Property Gent gives everyone the opportunity to be a buy-to-let investor without the headaches. I love that my funds earn interest until the property sale is complete and rental income is paid every month.

David, Essex


Despite earning a good salary, I am still priced out of the London property market. Property Gent gives me the chance to invest in a wide range of properties so my cash performa as well as the property market.

Zara, Paris



I chose Property Gent due to the level of information they give on their investments and potential returns. I've always wanted to invest in property, and Property Gent gives me the perfect opportunity to build my portfolio.

Gregg, Manchester



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Risk Warning: Investing in property involves risks, including illiquidity (the inability to sell assets quickly or without substantial loss in value), lack of dividends, loss of investment and dilution, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. There is no secondary market available meaning that these securities are illiquid. Your capital is at risk. Past performance and forecasts are not indicative of future performance. This site has been approved as a financial promotion by Resolution Compliance Limited. Read the full Risk Warning   Pitches for investment are not offers to the public and investments can only be made by members of Property Gent on the basis of information provided in the pitches. Property Gent takes no responsibility for this information or for any recommendations or opinions or predictions.